Anahata Yoga

An Introduction to Yoga

Yoga helps us improve our health and wellbeing. It is beneficial in the management of many diseases with a range of practices designed to look after the body, develop awareness and to increase the flow of Prana (life force energy), vitalising and energising the body and mind. Yoga addresses the physical manifestations of illness as well as possible underlying causes such as unresolved emotional issues, past traumas, old patterns of behaviour and beliefs that no longer serve us.

Many people today are stressed and this continued pressure and tension leads to diminished energy and reduced enjoyment of life, resulting ultimately in dis-ease. Practicing and incorporating Yoga into our lives can reverse this process, helping to release accumulated tensions in the body and mind. We can understand how to respond to life situations and how to manage them better. Yoga is a complete system that promotes the optimum development of our human potential.

Yoga postures (asanas) and physical movements stretch and tone the body, increasing flexibility and vitality. At the same time, they are working with the different systems of the body, removing tensions and blockages allowing the life force energy to flow more freely.

Breath is vital to life, and a vital part of yoga. Yoga teaches breath awareness and simple methods of breathing more efficiently which improve how we feel and enhance the quality of our lives. Pranayama (the yogic breathing techniques) aim to awaken, balance and expand the life force energy.

Yoga Nidra is a simple guided meditation practice performed lying down. It provides an experience of very deep relaxation by resting the physical body and allowing the mind to become calm and clear. Yoga Nidra is a wonderful resource for physical healing and inner peace.

Meditation practices also bring healing, peace and inner wisdom. By learning to witness our thoughts and using different techniques to focus the mind, we can begin to undo negative patterns that are obstacles on our life's journey. Ultimately, meditation brings us to our own essential nature and to oneness with creation.

Yoga balances and strengthens us physically, mentally and emotionally, improving the quality of our lives. It is beneficial for everyone. There are many aspects to yoga and it is a joy to discover its scope and depth according to our individual needs and interests. Yoga gives us many tools to cultivate the peace, joy and wisdom that is our true nature.

–Paula Wybrow