Anahata Yoga


Join Paula in Beauty Park, Frankston for free Yoga in the Park, 6–7pm every Thursday evening throughout summer until the end of February.

This is part of a fantastic initiative by Frankston City Council offering free yoga on Thursday evenings, 6–7pm, and Saturday mornings 9–10am, across 5 different parks in the area.

See Discover Frankston for more information.

At Anahata Yoga, Paula Wybrow's classes help to create health, harmony and happiness.

Paula's classes include asana (postures and stretches), pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation practices. The classes (timetable), are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Yoga works to release tensions and increase energy, flexibility and awareness. The postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation practices all work together to integrate the body, mind and spirit. Body, breath, bliss!

Anahata Yoga classes are held in Frankston and Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

For bookings and enquiries call or text Paula Wybrow on 0433 960 021, or send an email.

Paula Wybrow

Paula has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She is a Senior Level 3 teacher with Yoga Australia.